4x4 Tyres

There has been a sudden spurt in the sales of SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) in the last decade.

  • One reason for this steady rise is – increase in general median income of consumers.
  • Another reason is – the average SUV price has come down by quite an amount.
  • Third reason is – with so many companies manufacturing sports vehicles, customers have been spoilt for choice.

Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster has been designated as one of the leading service providers for 4x4 and SUV tyres in the area.

4x4/SUV Tyres: Why Buy Them?

We mean, apart from the obvious window dressing of the car’s façade, why does one buy such a tyre? These models are also often costlier than most ordinary ones.

Well, these tyres have some distinct advantages as listed below:

  • For the uninitiated, 4x4 tyres is the standard industry name for four-wheel drive vehicles. They have greater grip, are unaffected by stone chips and other irritants, and are ideal for off-road and all-terrain usage.
  • SUV tyres have larger rim diameters and can provide a car with greater speeds. Studies have shown that these tyres are generally able to run even at speeds exceeding 186 miles per hour, something that ordinary tyres are not capable of.
  • 4x4 tyres come into play when the terrain is difficult. Thus, for adventure sports junkies, long-distance driving enthusiasts, and even a layman looking for a quick getaway to the hills nearby, nothing can beat this type of tyres.
  • Lastly, we must mention that the technology used in these tyres has significantly improved ever since they became commercially viable. The day is not very far when price difference between common tyres and 4x4 tyres would reduce to a point where the latter is a better buy.

Why choose Harworth Tyres?

Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster has been the destination for many customers who have always looked to have a better experience overall. With the most sophisticated technology and professionals at our disposal, taking care of your 4x4/SUV tyres is easy for us. You can contact us for an assessment or get the servicing done directly.

You can now also purchase your new 4x4/SUV tyres online from us. Just follow our easy to use tyre search section on our website, compare brands and prices and pay securely.

You can also book an appointment for free fitting with your order.

We at Harworth Tyres do not only cater for the Harworth area.

If you are looking for 4x4/SUV tyres in Tickhill, Harworth, Bircotes, Bawtry, Scrooby, Serlby, Styrrup, Blyth, Rossington etc. we at Harworth Tyres will be happy to help.

We have lots of repeat customers from the surrounding areas and our team is happy to look after them.