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Harworth Tyres has become the one-stop destination for spare tyres and related services in Barnby Moor, Harworth and Blyth. The great deal of experience that we have gained in the past few years allows us to deliver impeccable services to our customer. These services include:

Tyre check-up

British road laws dictate strict terms for a tyre to be roadworthy. The major points that are considered under these laws are:

  1. Tread depth
  2. Tyre pressure
  3. Damage to the tyre

At our workshop, we do a free check-up of these things to ensure that you do not face any trouble when you are on the road. Additionally, we also check the condition of the valves as well as uneven wearing patterns just to be safe.

Tyre fitting

Fitting a spare tyre is not as easy as it sounds. It has become considerably more difficult with the introduction of newer technologies such as TPMS and reverse mount tyres. Fitting these tyres require expert hands and specialised machinery. Harworth Tyres provides both.

So, when you buy your next set of tyres Barnby Moor from our garage, you can have it fitted perfectly right here.

Wheel alignment

Aligning your car wheels to the prescribed angles is paramount if you wish to drive smoothly. At our garage, we use state-of-the-art machines to align your wheels correctly. Not only are our technicians well-versed in the usage of such equipment but they also go through regular training sessions to stay updated with the current trends.

We recommend getting your wheel alignment checked whenever you change your tyres or rotate them.

Puncture repairs

Our express puncture repair service has only one aim - to get your tyres road-ready in as little time as possible. Our technicians use the best quality sealant and other accessories for puncture repair, thereby ensuring that you do not face the same issue again.

There are a few instances when repair is not possible and you’ll have to go for replacements. These include:

  • Any leak near the sidewalls
  • A dent more than 6mm in length

You must also note that run-flat tyres cannot be repaired as well. In such situations, you can choose a replacement from among the hundreds of tyres that will be at your disposal at our workshop. Our range includes all the major tyre brands such as:

  1. Continental
  2. Dunlop
  3. Goodyear
  4. Nexen
  5. Pirelli
  6. Falken
  7. Kumho

If you want to buy a new set of tyres, visit us today. Our stock of tyres is the largest in this area and our in-house experts will assist you in choosing the best set for your car.