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At Harworth Tyres, we believe that every car owner here deserves the best service and a respectable pool of spare tyres in Blyth for their vehicles. We work tirelessly to provide both of these to the residents of Blyth and Harworth.

Our car services in Blyth have been hailed by many of our customers as a notch higher than other garages in the area. We also have a same-day delivery policy which makes these service packages even more attractive. We perform the following car services with precision:

  1. Tyre fitting
  2. Wheel balancing
  3. Wheel alignment
  4. Puncture repair
  5. Tyre checks

You may notice that most of our services are tyre-centric. That’s because tyres are our primary speciality and we have the most exhaustive stock of spare tyres around these parts.

Although we stock car tyres from all the major tyre brands in the market, we are going to talk about three brands that our experts recommend highly.


Dunlop needs no introduction as it is the only big player in the tyre industry that hails from Britain. Dunlop has been around for well over a century and has established their stronghold in the market through quality products. Even today, Dunlop tyres offer the best-in-class value for money.

They have a wide variety of car tyres as is evident from the list of their tyres that our experts suggest -

  • Direzza ZIII
  • SP Sport 600
  • Signature II
  • Grandtrek PT2A
  • Winter Maxx WM02


Nexen’s driving force is hidden in its name, a combination of the words ‘next’ and ‘century’.  They were a relatively small player for a long time before emerging as a powerhouse at the turn of this millennium.

Nexen is known for its innovative designs which have led it to win all four major design awards in the tyre segment. At our garage, Nexen tyres enjoy unparalleled popularity as they combine style with functionality. The following tyres are the biggest hits among all Nexen tyres Blyth:

  • N Fera SUR4G
  • N Priz RH7
  • N Fera RU1
  • Roadian CT8 HL
  • N Priz AH8


A significant part of the German conglomerate, Continental AG, Continental tyres have been equally successful on the roads and the race tracks. The best part about Continental passenger tyres is that they use next-gen motorsport technology used by the racing variants, albeit in a toned down fashion.

Continental tyres have maintained a steady demand at our workshop through the years. Some of the best ones that we have come across are:

  • ExtremeContact DW
  • ContiEcoContact DWS
  • ProContact TX
  • ContiWinterContact TS800
  • ContiSportContact 2

Apart from these, we also have tyres from Goodyear, Kumho and Pirelli. All these brands are equally successful in their own right and you cannot possibly go wrong regardless of which one you choose. So, visit our garage at Harworth Tyres today for buying an all-new set of tyres for your car. Call us if you have any questions.