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Since the opening of our service station in Harworth, car owners from surrounding areas of Harworth have also found a reliable place from where they can purchase quality tyres in Maltby. They can also avail our tyre fitting and other related services at affordable rates.

Harworth Tyres is primarily known across this district as the leading supplier of aftermarket tyres. We have tyres from all the different categories so that you are never short on options when you need to buy a new set.

Summer tyres

The summer tyres in our collection are some of the most popular tyres Maltby. The versatility of summer tyres in handling challenging road conditions makes them the preferred choice for most people in this area. We only stock summer tyres that have excellent EU tyre rating to ensure that you get the best out of your car during the summer months.

Note that you need to swap these tyres when the mercury starts dropping below 7⁰. When that happens, you can come to our garage and we will fit your car with a brand new set of winter tyres.

Winter Tyres

Our winter tyre collection is just as diverse as summer tyres. These tyres are adept at tackling the wintry road conditions. Snow, slush, and ice are common on the streets during winter. So, you need tyres that can provide you with adequate traction on these road conditions.

Pick any winter tyre from our selection and that should do the job. These tyres have a high gripping power thanks to the softer rubber compound and broader grooves.

All-season tyres

All-season tyres are fast replacing summer tyres as the predominant variant. We experience a high demand for these tyres as they are adaptable to almost all weather conditions. Places like Maltby, that doesn’t experience extreme temperatures, are perfect for these tyres.

All-season tyres are also affordable in the long run. Get yourself a set of all-season tyres from our collection and ride on them for the whole year.


Many of our customers think that run-flats are a recent innovation. The truth is that they have been around for more than 8 decades. But it is only in recent times that we are seeing an increased demand for them.

The run-flats that we have at our garage will let you drive for 50 miles even after a puncture.

Services at Harworth Tyres

We are also a comprehensive tyre-service provider. At our workshop, you may avail the following services in Maltby-

  1. Tyre fitting
  2. Puncture repairs
  3. Wheel balancing and alignment
  4. Tyre check-up

Come to our garage today for all your tyre needs. We are open for business from Monday to Friday.