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Our workshop at the heart of Harworth is one of the most trusted tyre-service centres in this area. We are singularly focused on tyres and its related services such as:

  • Tyre fitting
  • Puncture repair
  • Wheel balance and alignment

Our assembly of proficient technicians perform these services in Ordsall with the highest efficiency. We use the latest tools and mounting machines so that the service you get is quick and accurate. We have a strict same-day delivery policy.

Services apart, Harworth Tyres also has one of the most diverse collections of tyres. It is not limited to just passenger cars either. At our workshop, you may avail:

Van tyres: A recent survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has revealed that there are over 4 million vans on the roads of UK, which is a record all-time high. Tyre manufacturers have taken notice of this boom and are always trying to come up with better and cheaper van tyres.

Every major manufacturer has entered the fray and you will find van tyres from their companies at our workshop. Since vans are used much more rigorously than standard passenger cars, their tyres need to be sturdier and longer lasting as well. Some of the tyres at our facility that fit the bill are:

  1. Kumho Radial 857
  2. Goodyear Cargo UltraGrip 2

4x4 tyres: 4x4, SUVs, off-roaders, whatever you call them, these cars are a different breed altogether. They are built for performance, high-speed and comfort, all at the same time. Their tyres are also different from passenger car tyres Ordsall. 4x4 tyres are generally larger in size and have harder sidewalls that can take the brunt of off-roading with relative ease.

We have a massive selection of 4x4 tyres at our facility. You may find the following ones interesting:

  1. Continental PremiumContact 6
  2. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2

Run-flats: Flat tyres are becoming increasingly obsolete, thanks predominantly to run-flats. They allow a driver to go an extra 50 miles even with no air pressure left in the tyres. Run-flats primarily use two techniques to achieve this feat:

  1. Reinforced sidewalls
  2. Self-sealing compound

The first run-flats were developed way back in 1934 by Michelin. The technology has evolved over the years and now you can find them at all major tyre retailers. Some of the most popular ones are:

  1. Pirelli Cinturato P7 A/S
  2. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

Apart from these, we also retail tyres of seasonal variants for standard passenger cars. So, if you drive a sedan or a hatchback, we can set you up with the following types of tyres:

  1. All-season tyres
  2. Winter tyres
  3. Summer tyres

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When you are on the lookout for your next set of tyres, come straight to our workshop. It is our firm belief that you’ll find what you are looking for here. Call us on any working day to book yourself a slot.