Privacy Policy

We, Harworth Tyres, are the operators of this website and understand the value of user privacy and take utmost care in use of your personal data online.

We respect the privacy of all the users who visit our website and will collect and use the personal information as mentioned in this policy. Please read this policy thoroughly and ensure you gain a complete understanding of the sections mentioned here. If you have any doubts, get in touch our data security representative as soon as possible. You can contact us through details provided in section 2.

Use of our website means you consent to the use of your personal data by us as mentioned here. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, you must stop using our website immediately.

We hold the right to revise this Privacy Policy, and the current version will be the one published on this website.

1. Essential Definitions
Throughout this policy,

The mention of “we”, “our” or “us” means Harworth Tyres. The mention of “our site” means the website operated by us, i.e.,

The mention of “you” or “your” means the user of our site.

“Personal data” means any data that can identify the user directly or indirectly. You share this personal data with us by using our site. “Non-Personal data” is the data that cannot be used to identify the user directly or indirectly. “Data” represents a combination of personal and non-personal data.

2. Our Information
Harworth Tyres, a limited company registered in England, with registered office at Unit 17, British Coal Enterprise Park, Brunel Close, Harworth, Doncaster DN11 8SG, UK. Our Telephone number is 01302-273063, and email address is

3. Your Legal Rights
Under GDPR, you carry Rights to:

  • Be notified about the personal data we collect and use.
  • Access personal data stored by us. You are required to present a proof of identity along with the written request to access the personal data. You will get a response from our representative within one month of the application. You can gain access to all the data without any charges.
  • Rectify Information. You can put in a request to correct any inaccurate or incomplete data stored by us.
  • Be forgotten. Subject to legal compliance, you can request us to delete your personal data held by us. You could continue to use our site even without providing data at all. However, you will be unable to use all the features and functions available on our site.
  • Restrict processing of your personal data. The restriction is subject to the legal compliance.
  • Object if your personal data is used in processes that differ from the ones you consented to. We must notify you and gain your consent before making any such changes in usage of your personal data.
  • Port your personal data. You can request us to transfer your personal data to another data controller.
  • Not accept decisions solely from the automated processing system.

If you have any complaints and/or queries regarding your personal data, get in touch with us through the details mentioned in section 2. If we fail to help you, you reserve the right to take the complaint to the higher authority, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). You can also contact the ICO for more information about your rights.

4. What Data Do We Collect?
Depending on the pages you visit and the features use of our site, we collect following personal and non-personal data:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Home address (including postal code)
  • Vehicle details (model, make, fuel-type, registration number)
  • IP address
  • Web browser type
  • Operating system
  • URLs (referring sites and other sites based on your activities)

5. How do We Use the Collected Data?
Based on your consent and subject to legal compliance, we use your data for following purposes:

  • To analyse your use of our site and take steps to improve it continually.
  • To contact you for marketing purpose and inform you about the latest news, products, and offers. All our marketing activities will comply with the obligations that fall under the GDPR and EC Regulations 2003.
  • To provide access to essential parts of our website. It is also vital to provide requested services or products required by you. For example, you may need to provide important personal details to use our site's booking system.
  • To respond/communicate with you regarding queries, inquiries, and feedback.

6. Data Storage and Security
We will not hold your data any longer than necessary and/or as long as we have your consent to store it. We store your data in our systems as long as it falls under transactional, legal and/or tax obligations.

Your data may be stored outside EEA (European Economic Area). The continued use of our site by you acts as consent to this. We take stringent steps to keep your data secure even its outside EEA.

Steps we take to keep your data safe and secure:

  • Encrypted access to our site
  • Strict access control
  • Data Retention and Destruction policy

7. Data Sharing
We may share your personal data with third-party companies for essential activities such as customer service and market research.

We may share personal and/or non-personal data with third-parties to supply products and/or services to you on our behalf.

We may share your non-personal data with the investors, advertisers, partners or affiliates to compile vital statistics relevant to your usage of our site. The data is used to compile statistics such as traffic, user-behaviour, and sales.

We may work with third-party data processors based outside the EEA.

We may also need to share your data to comply with the law, legal proceedings, court order or as per the request of government authority.

8. Use of Cookies
Cookies are small text files placed into your device when you access certain parts and/or features of our site. Cookies are vital for us to operate our site efficiently, and gain visitors' information from it.

Our site may set first-party cookies on the device you use to access it. These cookies are used only by us, and we use them to deliver improved products, services and overall user experience.

You may also receive third-party cookies when you visit our site. These cookies are placed by third-party websites. They may be used to improve product/service offerings, marketing, or for analytical purpose.

You will be required to give consent through the pop-up message that you receive on your device before cookies can be placed. You may deny to accept the cookies and use our site. However, you will not be able to access certain functions and/or features of our site. You may even block or delete the cookies through the browser settings. However, we recommend not to delete all the cookies because few of them affect critical functionalities of our site and may not work correctly after deletion.

All the cookies that we use are compliant with essential parts of privacy and EC regulations 2003.

The cookies we use are as follows:

Category Name Purpose
Strictly Necessary CookieSettings This cookie stores your browser settings for this website.
These cookies are used throughout our site and are essential to use our booking systems, Centre locator and other features.
Performance PHPSESSID this cookie could be with another name depending on the web server settings. It holds the ID of the customer session.
Third Party __utma
Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions, as well as to provide a number of key features in the Google Analytics reports. Google Analytics sets or updates cookies only to collect data required for the reports.

If you have any concerns regarding this privacy policy, get in touch with us through contact details provided in section 2. We may update our privacy policy from time to time, so check this page regularly to stay updated.