Puncture Repair

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A tyre puncture is always dangerous for a car driver and other road users - both because if it is not treated immediately, it can cause serious damage to the vehicle or may cause an accident due to loss of control over the car. Therefore, when encountering a tyre puncture, it is suggested to slow down your car gradually and once it comes to a standstill, park it at one side of the road. Then change the punctured tyre with a spare tyre if you have one.

But, your problem is not resolved even after changing the punctured tyre with a spare tyre, because for your punctured tyre you still have to check whether it should go for repair or you have to purchase a new tyre to replace it.

The decision of repair or replacement of a punctured tyre can only be taken by an experienced mechanic of a well-equipped workshop, like ours – Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster. Our trained mechanics inspects the tyre completely according to the following parameters and suggest the best suitable measure.

Tyre Repair or Replacement?

Our mechanic observes your car tyre according to the following parameters:

  • Checks for the tread depth of the tyre and if it is found below its legal limit of 1.6mm, then the tyre should not/cannot be repaired.
  • If the puncture has damaged the tyre severely such as if the crack or hole through puncture is larger than 6mm, then the tyre cannot be repaired.
  • The side walls of the tyre are checked as well and if they are damaged, then the tyre cannot be repaired.
  • If the tyre has undergone DIY puncture repairs previously and has been treated with a sealant, it is not possible to repair that tyre.
  • Some (but not all!) car manufacturers, like manufacturers of some run-flat tyres and ultra-high performance tyres, do not permit the repair of their tyres.

However, if your car tyre does not fall under any of the above-mentioned categories, it can be repaired. The general repair process consists of various steps from tyre removal and checks to puncture repair and new wheel balancing. Only a good workshop like ours, performs safety-oriented repairs to ensure your complete safety.

We never compromise on your safety!

Our mechanics are well trained and can easily tell you whether you should opt for tyre repair or rather go for replacement of your old tyre.

We never run after money and try to give the most feasible advice to our customers because we believe that even one satisfied customer can work as our most trusted brand ambassador.

If you are looking for tyre puncture repairs in Harworth, Tickhill, Bircotes, Bawtry, Scrooby, Serlby, Styrrup, Blyth, Rossington etc. our team at Harworth Tyres will be happy to help.