Run Flat Tyres

More and more manufacturers are increasing the production of run-flat tyres to boost safety for car drivers. So many accidents occur because of tyre failure while driving at high speeds. So many times, drivers are left stranded nowhere in the middle of nowhere because of flat tyres. Run-Flat tyres are intended to remain functional in unforeseen circumstances of a tyre puncture or loss of tyre pressure, allowing you to reach home or the nearest garage for tyre repair. Run-Flat tyres are a blessing, aren’t they?

Run-Flat Tyres in Brief: Run-Flat tyres consist of a thick reinforced sidewall that holds the shape of the deflated or punctured tyre for a short duration. The reinforced sidewall allows you to drive-on without losing control for a limited distance and find safety or seek help. Take note that you should not travel more than 50 miles and keep the speed below 30mph on a deflated Run-Flat tyre and get it replaced as soon as possible.

Run-Flat Tyre - Repair or Replace?

When a Run-Flat tyre is punctured, it is possible you may have driven it for a longer distance at inadvisable speeds. In such a case, there is no way to know if the integrity of the structure is compromised or not. As a result, most (not all!) Run-Flats are not usually repaired and must be replaced as a precautionary measure.

Also, ensure that your car is set-up for Run-Flat tyres, as the vehicles that run on these tyres require a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) that keeps a continuous check on tyre pressure and warns the driver in case there is a drop in the air pressure of the tyre. A vehicle with a setup for conventional tyres must not use Run-Flat tyres. At Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster, we offer a wide range of Run-Flat tyres from all well-known brands at the most competitive rates. You can also buy all Run-Flat tyres from our website (free fitting included).

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