Summer Tyres

With the great driving comfort even at higher speeds, summer tyres as well ensure the driving safety and low fuel consumption in warm and moderate weather conditions. The hard rubber compound with the combination of the proper tread pattern of the summer tyres ensures the necessary grip and pleasant car handling experience to the drivers in the hot summers as well.

These tyres are continuously improving their technology for providing more reliability when the roads are warmer and it is seen that they put their full potential to give driving safety when you are driving at a higher speed. The grip and control over the car are so good with summer tyres in hot and moderate seasons that the driver feels really safe in all driving situations. Therefore, in the UK from about April to October, summer tyres are the best choice.

If you are looking for the most suitable summer tyres for your car or want to replace your old summer tyres, come to Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster. We have a vast range of summer tyres from all major tyre manufacturers. You can browse on our website for your required summer tyres or come to our workshop directly to purchase a suitable brand of summer tyres.

We provide free tyre fitting for all tyres purchased from us or alternatively, free local home delivery and you can select the date and time for the fitting of your tyres while placing your order online through our website.

Since there are a variety of tyres available online and you may get confused to select the best for your car, you can call us or come directly to our workshop for suggestions at any time. We are always happy to help our valued customers.

When to change your old summer tyres?

There are a few conditions when you should change your summer tyres immediately:

  • In an ideal case, a new unused summer tyre has a tread depth of around 8 to 9 mm. It is seen that abrasion is higher in summer tyres than winter tyres, thus you should keep checking your summer tyres for the decrease in tread depth. Though the allowed and permissible limit of tyre tread according to the law in the UK is 1.6 mm, but it is seen that summer tyres start giving low performance even at a 3 mm of tread depth, and your safety starts degrading after that. Therefore, it is recommended to change your summer tyres as soon as their tread depth reaches to 3 mm or at least 2 mm.
  • Apart from tread depth, the age of the summer tyre as well plays a major role in performance. Generally, you should not use a tyre for more than ten years, but for summer tyres the experts suggest to change them in every five years. However, the recommendation from your tyre manufacturer should be taken into consideration as well.

If you are looking to buy summer tyres in Harworth, Tickhill, Bircotes, Bawtry, Scrooby, Serlby, Styrrup, Blyth, Rossington etc. our team at Harworth Tyres will be happy to help.