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Most of our customers look for the best brands when they come to buy tyres at our workshop.

  1. Continental
  2. Nexen
  3. Goodyear
  4. Pirelli
  5. Kumho
  6. Falken

These are just a few of the globally acclaimed brands that we retail at Harworth Tyres. All the tyres that you’ll find at our facility have been tested rigorously and checked individually by our experts to ascertain that they are of the highest possible standards.

All-inclusive tyre servicing

Our garage is also a comprehensive service provider. Tyres require maintenance and the occasional repairs. We do both at our workshop at the most customer-friendly rates. The most popular services at Harworth Tyres are listed below.

  • Tyre fitting

After you have bought your new set of tyres Tickhill from us, you also need a reliable place from where you can get it mounted on your car. Tyre fitting is one of our primary services. We understand that improperly fitted tyres are a safety hazard as well as a severe compromise on your drive quality. Our experienced mechanics use all the latest equipment to mount those tyres on your car with precision.

  • Wheel alignment

Our wheel alignment service is performed by well-trained technicians who take the utmost care to ensure the proper alignment of your wheels. We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform this task. The wheel alignment machines that we have at our facility are considered the golden standard in the industry.

  • Puncture repair

Punctures are one of the most common problems that our patrons face. Although the number has decreased in recent times as we recommend run-flats to our customers, tyre puncture is still the primary issue in most cases. When you come for puncture repair at our workshop, we will first determine whether the leak is repairable or not. There are regulations that forbid the repair of certain kinds of punctures, viz. –

  1. If the leak is more than 6mm in length.
  2. If it has occurred within the central 3/4th area of the tyre body.
  3. If the tyre tread is less than 1.6mm.

Repairing tyres with the aforementioned conditions may prove to be inadequate and even counterproductive. Instead, go ahead with a new set of tyres from our vast collection.

Apart from those, we also perform standard tyre check-ups free of cost. If you are looking for quality aftermarket spares or car services in Tickhill, you should visit us without further delay. Alternatively, you can use our website to buy your favourite tyres online.