Car Tyres

More than just a piece of rubber, a tyre is the most important part of your vehicle. It acts as a link between your vehicle and the road. It is the component that goes through rough patches, extreme pressure, potholes and all sorts of challenging weather conditions. There are different types of tyres according to different seasons like Summer tyres, Winter tyres, All-season tyres or vehicle types like Van tyres, Ultra-High Performance tyres, Runflat tyres etc.

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A standard tyre consists of:

Sidewall: The Sidewall is the outer layer of the tyre which has few markings on it. The sidewall provides lateral stability to the tyre and contains extra components to enhance it. It also stops the air from escaping and keeps the tyre well protected.

Carcass: It is like the backbone of the tyre. The main function of the Carcass is to absorb shocks and load. It consists of multiple layers of fabric.

Bead: A Tyre Bead is that component which forms the inner layer of a tyre. It is responsible for connecting the tyre to the rim. A tyre bead holds the entire wheel together.

Before purchasing a tyre, one needs to have a look at the sidewalls of the tyres in use and note down the markings. This information includes the tyre size (rim diameter, nominal width etc.), speed rating of the tyre, the load index, construction of the carcass, and the name of the manufacturer.

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