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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop has been one of the leading tyre manufacturers for more than 100 years.

For example, Dunlop's engineers were the first to recognise the problem of aquaplaning and developed specially tailored tyres. Dunlop was also the first company to transfer race track standards to tyres. Today, the company operates worldwide in the development, production and sale of high-quality tyres. Of course, we at Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster also have these tyres for you on offer.

Dunlop rivals brands like Fulda and Goodyear not only in motorsport but also in its car tyres. Whether it’s sports tyres, van tyres or tyres for your car, on our Harworth Tyres website we would like to offer you as many Dunlop tyres as possible. The Configurator on our website also helps you choose the right tyres for your car. Thus, actually no questions should be left open.

We also fit and balance all tyres purchased from us free of charge. A convenient fitting appointment can be booked with your tyre order.

If you need help choosing the right tyres for your vehicle or have any queries, please call us or come to see us directly at our Harworth Tyres workshop.

Always the right tyre from Dunlop

No matter if small car, middle and upper class, sports car or SUV, Dunlop offers the right tyres for every vehicle. A special feature of Dunlop tyres is the special "Run-On-Flat" technology. This makes it possible to cover a distance of up to 60 miles at a moderate speed even after a puncture.

Dunlop - Innovative Technologies

Dunlop always provides the right tyre for every type of drive and surface. A variety of innovative technologies are used for this. Among other things, a symmetrical groove arrangement improves grip on both wet and dry roads. A novel development of Dunlop tyres is that the tyres even have a flatter tread pattern with a 4% to 8% larger footprint. As a driver, you benefit in particular from improved cornering stability and more steering precision. The larger footprint gives the vehicle greater stability and improved road feedback, allowing it to respond more quickly to changes.

If you are looking to buy Dunlop tyres in Harworth, Tickhill, Hurworth, Bircotes, Bamtry, Scrooby, Serlby, Styrrup, Blyth etc. our team at Harworth Tyres will be happy to help.