Van Tyres

Van tyres: high ride comfort, high mileage

Compared to normal vehicle tyres, tyres for vans must withstand much higher loads while offering a comparably high ride comfort level. Also, keep in mind that there are many different van tyre versions available. Some of them are used commercially, for example by logistics-companies, but for private use as well, for example for camper vans/trailers etc. According to these requirements, van tyres can be distinguished. The matching transporter tyre for your specific vehicle and your applications is available at Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster.

Transporter tyre’s special construction

Van tyres are specially designed for carrying very heavy loads(higher weight and centrifugal forces) compared to regular car tyres. This is achieved through re-inforced sidewalls of the van-tyres.

High-efficiency – that’s the goal

Another fact which has to be considered in the design of van tyres is their cost-efficiency. Particularly when used commercially, every litre of fuel saved is worth the money. Therefore, tyres for transporters have a very particular tread, which very much reduces the vehicle’s overall fuel consumption. In addition, transporter tyres are, like car tyres available as summer-, winter- and all-season tyres. So they should also be changed according to the right season.

So, just order your new van tyres now on our Harworth Tyres website or in store. On our site, the perfect tyres for the best price are easy to find, plus you can now even book your appointment for fitting and balancing (free of charge for all customers buying tyres from us) with your order.

Need the tyres urgently?

Same day fitting is available for most tyres. Just get in touch with us.

Tyres for different applications

Commercially used transport tyres are permanently in use and exposed to heavy weight. However, when van tyres are used for campers, mileages are rather low, downtime is high, and the van tyres can also be exposed to extreme weather conditions such as high heat. Therefore, when purchasing van tyres, it is very important to study the exact product descriptions to buy the right tyre for your application.

Check condition of your van tyres regularly

The condition of the transporter tyres should be checked every two weeks. It is not only about the correct air pressure. Incorrect loading, for example, can cause uneven tyres wear and imbalances, which can increase noise and fuel consumption. Especially with van tyres on motorhomes, the condition of the tyres should generally be checked before the start of every holiday trip, since the rubber compound may become porous during the long service life.

If you are looking to buy van tyres in Tickhill, Harworth, Bircotes, Bawtry, Scrooby, Serlby, Styrrup, Blyth, Rossington etc. our friendly experts at Harworth Tyres will always be happy to help.