Wheel Balancing

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Wheel balancing is just as important as any other car maintenance service.

Imagine hitting a speed-breaker at over 30 mph; this will not only jolt you significantly but may also have another issue: misbalancing the wheels. This, in turn, may prove to be a hurdle in driving your car comfortably and safely. At Harworth Tyres, Doncaster, we cover all the major wheel balancing aspects with the latest tools and technology available.

Why do tyres need balancing?

Most tyres and trims commonly used on roads run on the latest technology and materials. These materials are durable but fragile as well, especially when they run for a long time. The wheels also have ‘manufacturing tolerances’ beyond which they will not work competently. This is where Harworth Tyres’s wheel balancing services come into play.

Whenever these tolerances are exceeded, the cars are unable to complete high-speed turns and also suffer from a significant lack of balance. Nowhere else is this more evident than on wet and slippery roads, where balanced wheels are of paramount importance. A complete failure in the wheel’s balance may even render the car completely unable to move.

Moreover, pressures on the tyres’ rims increase significantly when wheel balances aren’t proper. Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster has dedicated specialists who can identify and then modify the imbalances present.

Please note: Wheel balancing is always done automatically and free of charge, as part of the fitting service when you buy tyres from us.

Advantages of wheel balancing:

While the advantages are manifold, we have listed 3 major areas which are the most important:

  1. Wheel balancing done properly will increase your car’s mileage significantly.
  2. The car’s suspension also gets lesser wear and tear adding life to your automobile.
  3. The riding comfort of the car increases exponentially.

Things to look out for and warning signs:

Harworth Tyres uses Laser Wheel Balancing technology to address these problems. Customers, however, ask us how they can detect wheel imbalance themselves. To simplify the matter, we have created this list of warning signs.

  1. Does your steering wheel vibrate while driving even at pretty low speeds? If it does, this might be an indication of wheel balancing issues. While there are many other causes of the steering wheel acting up, we recommend you to go in for a check at Harworth Tyres.
  2. Imbalances in wheels often lead to a higher-than-normal consumption of fuel. This is another warning sign that may serve as an indicator.
  3. Perhaps the most common indicator is uneven wear and tear. This specifies that the wheels are not touching the ground evenly. So, you must immediately get your wheel balance checked. Any negligence may lead to accidents and even fatalities.

We suggest that you book an appointment at Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster so that your car gets the care that it deserves.

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