Winter Tyres

A seamless and safe drive is loved by all. Do you know that your car tyres play a key role in ensuring a safe drive? We often undermine how important the tyres are. It plays a key role in making your drive safe and secure.

While choosing the tyre, we often consider the brand, but the type of tyre is also very important. Depending on the seasonal weather condition in your area, you must choose the tyre accordingly. For example, there are summer tyres which are designed for hot weather conditions, all-season tyres for moderate climate, and then there are winter tyres that work well in winter or cold weather conditions (below +7 degrees). When it comes to areas that witness snowy conditions or temperatures below 7 degrees, driving may become strenuous because of the road conditions. Thus, it’s always advisable to choose winter tyres which are designed especially for such weather conditions.

Winter tyres ensure a stronger grip on the road and also have a shorter braking distance which is not the case with the summer or the all-season tyres. Winter tyres are designed specifically for driving in the cold. From the composition of tyre material to tread design, everything varies from summer tyres to winter tyres. It has additional grooves ensuring better grip on snowy roads.

Key Features of Winter Tyres

There are various features which makes winter tyres very popular during cold weather conditions when the temperature falls below 7 degrees. Here’s a quick look at the key features of the winter tyre:

  • It has soft rubber compound and comes with a high percentage of silica
  • These tyres come with deep grooves
  • The tread blocks are covered with jagged slits
  • They have a shorter braking distance
  • It comes with anti-skid properties

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

Harworth Tyres in Harworth, Doncaster has been in the business of selling summer- , winter- and all-season tyres for a long time. Our expert technicians believe that based on weather conditions, every tyre comes with its own benefits. Despite weather conditions playing a key role, many people in the UK still continue to drive with summer tyres, even under cold conditions. Winter tyres are also not required by UK law. We, as tyre experts suggest though to change your tyres seasonally as specific winter (and summer-) tyres have their own specific benefits.

Here is why winter tyres should be fitted to your vehicle in the coming winter season:

  1. They have shorter brake distance ensure safety
  2. They have a special composition of soft rubber and a high groove ratio thus are ensuring better grip on snowy and icy road surfaces
  3. Less aquaplaning. This condition arises when the tyres lose traction on the road. The winter tyres are designed in a manner that can disperse a large amount of water or snow reducing aquaplaning
  4. It gives you optimal handling in cold conditions when the temperature goes below seven degrees
  5. If you are living in an area where you need to drive uphill or downhill, winter tyres offer better grip

Almost all tyre manufacturing companies now manufacture winter tyres, summer tyres, and all-weather tyres. Our technicians also suggest investing in a set of winter tyres during cold weather conditions so that your drive is safe and secure. It prevents skidding and losing control while driving.

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